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Rational use of medicines
evaluating globally each patient

Professional assistance in the rapid global review of treatments
  • CheckTheMeds objective

    Improve the quality of life of patients and their survival, because helps the professional to improve the pharmaco-therapeutic effectiveness and reduce the unwanted effects of drugs.

  • How does it?

    Helping professional to review each treatment globally, offering services of interconnection between professionals, increasing direct services to the patient.

  • Complexity of the global review

    The time necessary for the comprehensive review of the treatment of a polymedicated patient, using databases, and books, is very high, due to it is a very complex task.

  • CheckTheMeds reduces the time

    To review globally a patient only with more of 10 drugs and 5 pathologies, an expert may need from 4 to 16 hours. With CheckTheMeds this time can be reduced to minutes.

  • The chronic patient care

    CheckTheMeds facilitates the Professional optimization of drug therapy (especially in polymedicated pluripathological patients) and therefore contributes to the best chronic patient care.

Professional help to increase the safety of patients and optimize drug therapy

With the Guarantee of Quality of

CheckTheMeds® (v. 3.6.5) - Update 29/08/2023
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